Preschool swimming lessons help young children learn water confidence and safety skills in a fun environment, building strong foundations for confident swimming.

Lesson length:   25 minutes
Class size: 4 children
Price: $180 per term (10 weeks)
Available at: Huia Pool+Fitness

Crab is our entry level programme for children with no prior swimming experience. 

Most children start in Crab, and then move through the classes based on progression. If your child already has some swimming ability, they will need to have an assessment with an instructor before they can start in a different class. 

crab - mahuka

crabThrough songs and fun activities, your child will work on:

  • Building confidence in the water
  • Getting in and out of water safely, and
  • Confidently going under the water.


starfish - tangaroa

starfishYour child will continue to develop basic skills including:

  • Safe entry / exit
  • Correct front start
  • Starfish front float - unaided
  • Correct back start
  • Aided back float


squid - kahea

squidYour child will develop swimming skills in:

  • Streamline front float
  • Streamline back float
  • Streamline front glide
  • Streamline back glide
  • Front kick unaided
  • Back kick aided


clownfish - clownfish

clownfishYour child will develop swimming skills in:

  • Streamline front kick 5m
  • Streamline back kick 5m
  • Kick and paddle 5m


salmon - hamene

salmonYour child will develop swimming skills in:

  • Streamline front kick 7m
  • Streamline back kick 7m
  • Basic freestyle arm action
  • Basic backstroke arm action