"We are moving to Christchurch in January and will continue with his swimming lessons down there. We have loved doing lessons with Swim City, they are excellent and our son has become a confident and increasingly skilled swimmer for his age. Your approach is really excellent"


We have been taking our son to swimming lessons in the Turtle program for the past two terms. I wanted to let you know that the instructors have been wonderful! My sons confindence is definitely building. We are very grateful. Please pass on to the instructors - they are great and to keep up the good work!


"As a pensioner adult learner, I was very self-conscious and nervous at the beginning but after a few minutes with my instructor I found I could participate easily and over the next few weeks I progressed well. I offer my appreciation of the instructor’s firm, thorough yet kind teaching"



"Our daughter was struggling with feelings of anxiety and often felt nervous and upset around her lessons. Your instructor noticed, talked to, and supported her, telling her about her own learning challenges. Our daughter felt comfortable to continue and showed improvement. We thank you for your kindness"

-Tom and Paula


"Our instructor is top notch approaching his lessons with patience, very clear explanations, and demonstrations. He gives each child individual tips specific to the child to help them improve. Thank you for your quality lessons."



"Our son is a determined, stubborn, capable, temperamental, hilarious 4yo who is not the easiest to get to try things. Your instructor’s patience, encouragement, and respect for our son's works (including no) and self-imposed boundaries has seen our son develop confidence in the water.. Your instructor just seems to get 3 an 4yo and the things that matter to them."



"Our son is a very good swimmer, thanks to all the brilliant teaching. This is the end of a long association with Swim City for our family and we are very grateful for everything you have done for us. Three children and Mum (from the side of the pool) have had 11 years of lessons, which have done an incredible job of building water confidence and skills for all of us."