Would you like the opportunity to lane swim at Eastbourne Summer Pool or McKenzie Baths every weekday between 6am-8.30am?

Simply choose which Icebergs club you would like to join, pay a one off fee and you can swim as often as you want, and only share the pool with other Icebergs members!

About Icebergs

Hutt City Council aims to continue the Icebergs programme for the 2023/2024 seasons at Eastbourne Summer Pool and McKenzie Baths.

Icebergs gives you special access to the pool between 6am-8.30am on weekdays. During these hours the pool is only open to Icebergs members for swimming and aquajogging.


Icebergs memberships are available to anyone 14 years or older. Swim more than twice a week and you will save!

 DatesMembership fee
Eastbourne Summer Pool Monday 27 November 2023 - Friday 1 March 2024
*excludes public holidays, weekends, and 25 December - 3 January
McKenzie Baths Monday 20 November 2023 - Friday 8 March 2024
*excludes public holidays, weekends, and 25 December - 3 January

Icebergs will only proceed if we receive enough registrations before the sessions are due to start. Late enrolments are still welcome. 

 Registrations neededCutoff to proceed
Eastbourne Summer Pool 60 Friday 24 November
McKenzie Baths 60 Friday 17 November

For more information including terms and conditions see the registration form.

How to register

Register your interest by completing the online registration form.

We'll email you your invoice and you can then make payment online via internet banking.

Other ways to register

You can also register by:

  1. Calling Huia Pool+Fitness on 04 570 6655 to make a telephone booking.

  2. Dropping off your registration form at Huia Pool+Fitness weekdays from 8.30am-5pm.

  3. Scanning and emailing your completed application form to icebergs@huttcity.govt.nz

Registration forms and info

Eastbourne Icebergs registration form (PDF 685 KB)

McKenzie Baths Icebergs registration form (PDF 686 KB)